Friday, July 1, 2011


Well - what's next? The car hasn't sold although gas is sky high. I can't figure it. Seems like folks look at the value of a '97 Hyundai Accent rather than a newly converted electric. And I find I enjoy the converting more than owning/driving.

So - I rescued this wounded soldier from Big Rapids. It has two tennis ball sized holes in the engine that must have made quite a 'statement' when she blew!

What case can be made for an electric motorcycle in Michigan? It (as well as my electric car) are only occasional vehicles for me since a gas car is still needed for range. The first thing with a bike is that less is invested. Then there is no need for a heater or A/C or p.b. or p.s. Maybe for this one I can spring for Li. batts. After staring at it a while I realize if there were no such advantages I would just have to make some up!

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