Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well, except for a couple small details, the car is finished. I wanted to create a little more fanfare for this occasion but I must say how disappointed I am in the 8V batteries. I had wanted 120V for the performance needed in California's hills but was space limited for this chassis. Ten 12V batteries would have fit the bill space/weightwise but my past experience with those (Trojan 5SHPs) was very negative and I saw no news to change my mind about those. The 14-8V (CG8s from Interstate) that I chose also seem to have the high internal resistance that causes excessive voltage drop when drawing high currents. As soon as you ask for more power, depressing the throttle the current rises as you expect but a corresponding voltage drop also occurs. Consequently Amps X Volts increases only modestly and you bring more heat into the equation. And range? I'm embarassed to report is a dismal 20 mi. What to do? LIFEPO4 chemistry is still cost prohibitive at over $14000 for a 120V pack... I'm thinking

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