Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Final Figures, My Cost Conclusion

This conversion has cost more than I hoped or thought it should. (What's new?) The prices on the various components, tho' most US made, skyrocketed with the cost of gas. One has to be committed to the idea of not burning fuel or have some other compelling reason to do this because fancier (gas) cars are available for an equivalent sum. The payback? Well, depending on whose figures you use, running an electric car with just as many driving variables as a gas version, amounts to slightly under (or slightly over) a buck a gallon. You'ld need a fairly good lifespan for the car or gas to shoot up again for a good payback, or electric rates to shoot up for a bad one. Still to come; finished pix, performance data and a video if this site will accept it.

Prev. TOTAL $7256
Last Acc'ntg $472
Another 8V batt.
More 2/0 cable & conn.
Vent fan system & fittings
Batt. tie-down fixtures
100 other small parts

New (and I think final) TOTAL $7728!!!

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