Monday, August 31, 2009

Batteries Not Included

"Till now ... Batteries, the largest single expense AND decision conundrum. For a 120V system 10 - 12V, 15 - 8V or 20 - 6V batteries are needed. This chassis won't support (or allow room for) a full compliment of 6Vs or 8Vs and I can't find many who recommend the 12Vs including a couple of suppliers. So I have decided to settle for 12 - 8Vs for a 96V system. The supplied motor curve shows this to be a downgrade from 19 to 13HP. Drat!

Hours of cutting, welding and grinding (and the last of the bed frame angle iron) yielded this front battery rack. I'm getting close!

Batteries $1360!

Flea market radio $10

New TOTAL $7094

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