Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To Quiet The Oil Drumbeat...

The GM factory in my town is barely hanging on and I wish the workers there well; BUTT couldn't GM have built a slick and affordable e-car by now?

Anyway I chopped a huge hole where the back seat was for the battery box to reside. Two old bed frames narrowly escaped the landfill to contribute angle iron for the framework. How I wish I could afford one of the new battery chemistries with a higher (than lead-acid) energy density.

I will repeat the hundred year old drone "We are just 3-5 years from a battery breakthrough!" And while I guess we have that, they still can't make it to the shelf in quantities that allow affordability. So we continue ...

Previous balance $5614

bushing/hub $62

nuts/bolts/brackets $48

New balance $5724

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