Monday, March 16, 2009

Putting It Off, Putting It On

Next step is install the motor. In order to retain use of the clutch, the electric motor will need to hold the flywheel in precisely the same position it was held by the gas engine. I took careful measurements from the gas engine/flywheel set before removing the flywheel. I will use a taper-lock hub/bushing set to fix the flywheel on the motor shaft. The dimensions of this hub, the flywheel thickness and the above pre-measurements will determine the configuration of the "adapter plate" needed to hold the new motor in position.

Meanwhile I picked up some 1/8" aluminum sheet (as heat sink/mounting platform for the controller) plus cord, plug, receptacle (for the charger) and aluminum angle

Previous balance $5551

Purchases $63

New TOTAL $5614

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