Monday, January 26, 2009

More Parts & Pieces

Having decided on an operating voltage of 120V for the battery pack I can now order (I mean have ordered) a Battery Charger and a DC-DC Converter. The charger will refresh the entire pack at one time. The converter, drawing from the main pack will provide 12 volts for auxiliary equipment such as lights, wipers, fan motor and of course radio, taking the place of an alternator.

Russco charger
No name converter
Batteries for the main pack could be:

20 - 6V batteries
15 - 8V batteries
12.5 - 9.6V batteries (just kidding, no such animal) or
10 - 12V batteries

My choice will be determined by the available space for placement and
weight distribution.

New parts order $948
Current project TOTAL $5505

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